Question: Is Hanley Brady a Pseudonym?

Sort of. It’s both of my given last names (Hanley-Brady).

Why Use a Pen Name? Because Reasons.

Why Explain This? Because Google.


Phew, glad we got that out of the way. On to the trivia!


My first-ever career choice was to be a professional writer after winning a writing contest in 2nd grade. I wrote my first ‘real’ story in elementary school, which was a fan-fiction of The Saddle Club series, called The Barn Brat Club. Then, in middle and early high school, I wrote a time-traveling retelling of Young Hercules. After that, I always dreamed of becoming a published author one day.



But, being the younger sister by five years, my career choices changed frequently over time as I watched my awesomely cool older sister do so many nifty things. The (reasonable) highlights include things like wanting to be:


(1) An Olympic Softball Pitcher

Unfortunately, softball was taken out of the Olympics just after I entered college, and there were other driving interests (see dream job #4) that took over this particular goal. Still, I played softball from ages 5-21, mostly as pitcher/first base. I also played soccer for 7 years and water polo for 4 years. Side-note: I’ve ridden 3-wheeled ATVs all my life. Now I jog, play with swords, and shoot arrows.

softballwater poloATVLongsword


(2) A Marine Biologist

I wanted to be a marine biologist so I could play with the otters at Sea World. This was rather short-lived once it was discovered that I would have to take a LOT of science classes — I’m more of an English and film class type of person. Regardless, I. Love. Otters. Either kind. Love them. Yes.

You too can swim with the otters like I did — check out Nurtured by Nature.

(3) A Computer Animator 

VERY short-lived due to a fatal lack of artistic ability (which is required to build things for animation).
Nokoko drawing

This was my attempt at drawing Nokoko…at age 28. This is literally the best thing I’ve ever drawn, and it’s awful.


(4) A Film Producer/Editor

A.k.a. a ‘Preditor’…lol yeah, awesome name, huh? I did end up obtaining a degree at San Diego State University for this, as well as a minor in creative writing.
Hanley-Brady Producer SDSUHanley Brady cinematographer SDSU


(5) A Video Game Lawyer

Yep, that’s totally a thing. I have the J.D. from California Western School of Law and the hefty student loans to prove it! Law was a somewhat later decision (made nearly 2 years after graduating from college), but it was one of the best choices I’ve made, as it’s my passion to help creators with their legal needs.

That is my created Lady Justice below, but I didn’t technically draw her–I used nearly 2 dozen photos in Photoshop to hodge-podge together what I wanted. I created the image you see by outlining parts of those pictures — one of the photos (for the main pose) was even me!

Lady Justice by Hanley Brady

Writing Today

Still, creative writing has always been a core interest for me. And what was originally an offhand idea used to complete a script-writing class assignment at SDSU has morphed into what is now the story of Mira and the Magins. I’ve been developing it ever since.

My Reading Tastes

My first entry to reading adult fantasy was Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series at age 12, which led to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and then to a whole slew of fantasy series that ultimately wound up featuring primarily female protagonists (Polgara, Mists of Avalon, 500 Kingdoms, etc.). When I decided law school was ‘the thing’ I wanted to do, my reading tastes turned more toward young adult. They’re just as fascinating reads, but they don’t require buying a separate encyclopedia to remember who everyone was when the next book came out (*cough* Wheel of Time *cough*). The Lightning Thief, The Red PyramidGraceling, Ghost & the Goth, Chronicles of Nick, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and more–they rock!

Miscellaneous Stuff

As for non-geeky hobbies, I have traveled quite a bit in Western Europe, Australia, and the U.S., and I look forward to sharing similar experiences in the future with my long-suffering—I mean long-time—boyfriend, Quinn. And, when they’re older, our nieces and nephews.


And that’s Hanley Brady in a nutshell. A really, really big, page-sized nutshell. Thanks for reading!


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