Son of a Pitch Contest

Hello Son-of-a-Pitch peeps! I’m would love all the eyeballs I can get on what I’m writing, so I thank you for your time! WordPress isn’t great for following paragraph indentations, so please believe that the chapter looks like a page should when viewed in Word. QUERY Dear [Ms./Mr.][Agent Last Name]: I see from your profile that you’re seeking […]

My First Job

Like first cars, most people remember their first job. This was mine:   I was seventeen, I think, possibly sixteen, and I had the opening shift four days a week. In all honesty, the manager there took a rather large leap of faith that a teenager would actually show up–consistently–at 4:30 in the morning for […]

My First Car

First Cars: A Whirlwind Love/Hate Relationship of Convenience At some point, you experience your “first car.” It has to be in quotes like that because for the vast majority of us, “first car” means “cheapest-but-sturdiest-car-our-parents-will-let-us-drive.” This also means that your “first car” comes with a lot of “FEATURES” (see below). My first car: a 1987 […]

#PitchWars: My Mentee Bio

(Lauren) Hanley Brady in a Nutshell:     This is my first time entering #PitchWars, and I’m really excited to see what happens! My name is Lauren Hanley-Brady (writing as Hanley Brady) and my project is a YOUNG ADULT CONTEMPORARY FANTASY novel featuring a science-minded main character with two moms (and a wrongfully-assigned imaginary friend). You can find […]