The Unseen Realm Series


Mira and the Magins
(in progress)

Sixteen-year-old Mira Kane could’ve attended college years ago. Instead, her mothers focused all of her homeschooling on prepping her for an elite S.T.E.M. university in Europe, to which she will be applying this year. But when a boy whom no one else can see barges into her life claiming to be her “assigned imaginary friend” on the night she’s supposed to amaze people with top connections to the Academy, Mira is determined to rid herself of the arrogant, insufferable, mildly attractive figment at all costs.

Gimmer is a field agent—a.k.a. an imaginary friend—embarking on his last assignment before applying for a promotion in his world that would permit him to do things his higher-ups are allowed to do, like travel between realms (legally, anyway) and train others in using magic. Gimmer needs this final assignment to go perfectly because failing means being forever stuck as a second-class citizen among his race, the Magins. But, when Gimmer is accidentally assigned to the wrong kid—a fizzling teenager—Gimmer realizes his work has barely begun.

Unbeknownst to Gimmer and Mira, the governing body of Gimmer’s city is close to completing a spell that will enslave all of humanity à la The Matrix for our imagination energy. The only missing piece to fully merge the worlds? Gimmer’s unique teleportation ability. The Council will do anything to get their hands on Gimmer, and now Mira must choose between staying the course of her known, successful future, or risking everything she believes—and possibly her life—to save an imaginary friend she didn’t even create.white


Rise of Nokoko

 (in progress)

Nokoko’s been corrupted and now everyone is in danger.