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Crit Happens “Crit Happens”

It does, just ask Gimmer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept on my shirt, check out my blog post about fantasy curse words, ‘crit’ is a word Gimmer frequently uses when things are going wrong. Here, the shirt refers to Dungeons and Dragons (examples below). And yes, the BF & I have many of the same shirts. We’re that couple. The number of shirts with which we can be ‘twinsies’ are well into the double digits.

Dungeons and DragonsDungeons and DragonsDungeons and Dragons



Pirate Map

“Patooie Umbril Map”

Mira ‘found’ this message-in-a-bottle when she was six years old, while visiting Aunt Vicky in Southwest Harbor, Maine. This led to ‘finding’ a treasure map in the ‘Forest of Lilliput’ (aka Acadia National Park) which then directed Mira to the treasure of French Pirate Patooie Umbril on ‘Walk-To Island’ (aka Bar Island…picture forthcoming).


Mira’s aunt is pretty darn awesome.




Hanley Brady's OfficeMy Work Space

As of Winter 2015, this is my work station (well, other than Starbucks). Yeah, that’s an iMac and a PC…video editing and video gaming never did well on the same machine.








My characters (and me below) as Power Puff Girls. It was a 2016 promotion for the Power Puff Girls’ reboot and I think it’s adorable.  Mira and the Magins Power Puff

Hanley Brady as Power Puff                white


Here’s Mira as an Emoji via Google’s Emojify event. I didn’t even pick the orange background color – must be fate!

Mira Kane emoji


Previous depictions of the Unseen Realm character cast from 2016, by Ezelle Van der Heever

Mira and the Magins - Characters


Now I have Funko Pop versions of my characters!