The Unseen Realm

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Magins are created by humans, just like you would assume. But, thanks to magical innovation, when a magin is created, he or she is instantly transported to the Unseen Realm via the Spark Portal (so named for the creative spark that creates a magin) in the Depository. The magin is then assessed and processed for training before being let out into the general magin society.


A magin is made up of a magical essence that is manifested by a color, and their magical specialty, career, and rank within society is dependent on that magical color.


There are three main ranks of magins: (1) PRIMARIES, (2) TERTIARIES, and (3) SECONDARIES. Any magin with magic too weak to be a secondary is effectively a peasant and, while they are supported by the higher classes and provide a function within society, they are not viewed by the “Big Three” as being notably magical.


Color Wheel - mira and the magins

Mira & the Magins hierarchy




(Pure Colored Power)

Primaries are magins with only one class of magic that makes up their essence: red, blue, or yellow. They are the most powerful magins in society, and are employed in the top positions of each field. They are far outnumbered by tertiaries, secondaries, and the rest of the magins, but the purity of their magic makes them highly skilled and powerful. The governing body (the Council) is made up of representatives of each primary class, to ensure each class of magic’s interests are looked after and respected.


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Red Magic

Red Magic

Magical Illusion Masters


Blue Magic

Blue Magic

Battle & Destructive Magic

Yellow Magic

Yellow Magic

New Spell Creators



(Two-Thirds of Primary Power)

Tertiaries are the second most powerful type of magin, as their magic is closer to the purity of primaries (2/3 of a primary color) than anything other rank, and their magical strength is notable. Many are just as skilled as some primaries, and they always serve a vital role within society, from protecting it, to bringing in magic for fuel, to creating new spells.


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Magenta Magic - Mira & the Magins


(A.K.A. Magenta)

Red-Orange Magic - Mira & the Magins


Yellow-Orange Magic - Mira & the Magins


Yellow-Green Magic - Mira & the Magins


Blue-Green Magic - Mira & the Magins


(A.K.A. Teal)

Blue-Violet Magic - Mira & the Magins




(Half of Primary Power)

Secondaries are viewed as just a step above non-magic magins, whose magical essences are too weak to cast anything because the purity of their power is too diminished. Secondaries typically serve a support role to their tertiary and primary co-workers, such as grunt work and storing/channeling power for them. But, because of the weakness of their power, secondaries are not allowed to travel (safety issues) or teach (not powerful enough) others to use magic. The vast majority of secondaries can cast one of EITHER magical class that makes up their essence, and usually not the other. If they can cast magic of both classes of their essence, use of both typically results in even weaker magic than if they just use one class of their essence’s color. Certain exceptions apply.


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Orange Magic - Mira and the Magins


Green Magic - Mira and the Magins


Violet Magic - Mira and the Magins